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about me

Mirta Desir is a filmmaker in New York City and is a transplant by way of Haiti. As a young immigrant child in the U.S. she consumed books voraciously and films were a critical pathway for her to learn English. At Syracuse University, she fulfilled her passion for literature and art by receiving Bachelors in Philosophy and Communications. 

Soon after she obtained a Juris Doctor from Loyola University and practiced Civil Rights Litigation. With a growing interest in film, she started writing while running a language focused educational startup. When not chatting with her favorite little nugget, you can find her collaborating with others on projects that she finds interesting. Mirta is currently a student at Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. She has produced, directed and written several short films, including April 10th and After, amongst others.

She is currently working on a short documentary about Haitian migrant mothers.


NEW YORK WOMEN IN FILM & TELEVISION Recipient of New York Women in Film & Television’s 2021-2022 Scholarship Award

Finalists in Wavelength Productions & The Black TV & Film Collective’s Producers Fellowship Finalists in Wavelength Productions & The Black TV & Film Collective’s Producers Fellowship.  I applied as a co-producer for a script that I wrote.